MCE Tours Institutions, Departments and Agencies Within The Municipality

The Municipal Chief Executive, Hon. Dr. Kingsley Osei as part of his familiarization tour, visited Institutions, Departments and Agencies in the Municipality to familiarize himself with their activities.

The institutional tour which was held on 16th November, 2021 started from Kasei Hospital, continued to Ejura Prisons Camp, from there to Sheep Breeding Station, to Agric College, Agric Department, Crop Research and ended at the premises of Fire and Ambulance Services.

The MCE, addressing the staff at different gatherings, expressed his profound gratitude for honoring his invitation even with a short notice.  He acknowledged that, as a sign of cordial relationship and team work.

He assured the staff he visited that his door was always opened for constructive inputs and counsel as partners in development.

At Kasei hospital, Mr. Simon Offeh Kwarteng, the Administrator briefed the Hon MCE on the services rendered by the hospital.  He said they render all the services of hospitals but what made them unique was their expert in Hernia treatment.   He explained that in West Africa, they are the best curer of Hernia.

He said the hospital is recognized as both government and private hospital.  In terms of human resources, they are government hospital as most of their staff are on government payroll and in terms of administration and finance they are managed as private entity.

Mr. Offeh Kwarteng cited that the major challenge of the hospital was Doctor to patient ratio and Nurse to patient ratio was very high, meaning the human resource is insufficient.  Also they lack logistics, funds, infrastructure and equipment to run the hospital.

He pleaded with the MCE to assist the hospital financially as the previous Assembly was doing well nevertheless they stopped.

At Ejura Prisons camp, the MCE and his entourage were welcomed by the commander, Superintendent Dickson Owusu Ameyaw and his Senior Officers DSP Christopher Koloa, ASP Baba Ayuvuku, ASP Banfo, ASP Alexander Wiredu and ASP Agyekum Frank.

They took the team to inspect the premises; after which the whole staff met MCE and his entourage at their Assembly hall.

Supt. Ameyaw as part of the inspection took the MCE and his supporting team to the various workshop of the camp; these included Kente weaving, tailoring, shoe and sandals making, hair dressing, among others which they teach the inmates.

The Officers said because Ejura is a farming community, they teach the inmates how to farm too and they have about 50 acres of land which they grow different kinds of crops and vegetables.

The MCE when addressing the entire staff urged them to collaborate with the other Security Agencies to ensure maximum security in the Municipality.

Superintendent Ameyaw on behalf of the staff presented to the MCE and his entourage the challenges of the Camp.

He said they need computer and accessories, printer and photocopy machine; as all their secretarial services were done in town which was not the best.

Also they want the path leading to the camp to be graded, speed ramp constructed on both sides of the road leading to the camp, he said they need street lights too especially from the main road to the camp, interim accommodation for staff when they are transferred to the Municipality.

He cited that recently 30 staff were transferred to the Municipality and accommodation was a problem to them.  They need fridge for the infirmary thus the room set aside for sick inmate.

The MCE and his entourage continued the tour to the Sheep Breeding Station and they were welcomed by the staff of the facility.

The Manager, Mr. Amankwa in his address said though they rear different spices of sheep, they are well known in Dwarf sheep rearing.

He said in West Africa Ejura, Ejura Sheep Breeding Station is well vested in Dwarf sheep rearing.

He cited that they feed the animals very well and irrespective of their  birth weight within a short period they increase in weight.

Mr. Amankwa stated some of the challenges which included school children latrine around the farm yard, lack of electricity at some part of the area and lack of fence wall around the yard.

The MCE in his address commended them for the good work done.

He urged them to assist the small scale farmers to also improve on their farming activity.

Concerning the defecating around by school children, he said the Municipality was organizing communal labour and schools would be included; Dr. Osei added that the school children would be educated on personal hygiene too.

The MCE further assured them of the electricity extension as they had requested.

At Agric College, MCE and his team were welcomed by the Principal and his staff.  The Principal in his address said the school is the only Tertiary Institution in the Municipality.

He said the school is certificate awarding institution, criteria needed to be able to award Diploma was still underway.

He continued that currently, the school has 103 females and 199 males.

He stated that the major challenge of the school is lack of infrastructure; he added that since the establishment of the school, just recently that the school was refurbished.

The MCE in his address assured the school of his ultimate support. He said he love Agric; as he attended Agric College, he became Agric officer and now a farmer. Hence he is obliged to ensure the development of the College.

The MCE continued his visit to the Agric Department where he was welcomed by the Agric Director, Ben Leo Addah and his staff.  Mr. Addah said he had 36 staff, 29 permanent and 7 supporting staff.  He further said he had 7 unit live stock, 21 motor bikes and 1 pick-up.

He stated some of the challenges of the Department which included lack of water , lack of place of convenient, Vetinary clinic, inadequate staff, delay in accessing funds from the Assembly, undermining Agric Staff, among others.

At Crop Research, the MCE and his Team were welcomed by the crop researcher and his supporting staff.  He explained their work scheduled to the MCE; he said they breed new variety of crops and give it to the farmers.

He stated that their major challenges was inadequate land for trials, conflict with communities they share boarder with due to improper documentation of land and Nomadic Fulani herdsmen, among others.

MCE and his entourage ended the day’s tour at the premises of Fire Services and Ambulance Services.  Due to lack of office space, the two sectors share the same premises.  The Municipal Fire Commander in his address stated some of the activities they embark on.

These included educating the people on possible causes of fire outbreak and its prevention.  He said this year, fire cases attended to were 16, the least so far.

He stated some of their challenges; these included renovation of the premises, lack of water at the premises, inadequate fuel to operate the fire tender, lack of computer and accessories, among others

The Ambulance service in their address stated that they lack staff and that had made work very difficult.  He cited that the staff strength should be 15/16 but they were only 5.

Also lack of accommodation deter people from working in the Municipality, lack of fuel, leaking of their office, lack of computer and accessories to carry out administrative work were the challenges that the Ambulance Commander stated.

In all, the tour was successful and insightful, as the Municipal Chief Executive got to experience first hand, issues facing the various institutions, Department and Agencies within the municipality and how best to solve most of them.


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