Central Administration

Central Administration

ESMA has made significant achievements in terms of management and administration. The Central Administration is the mother department directly responsible for setting up goals, targets, provide directions and also coordinate the activities of all departments for the achievement of the objectives of the Assembly and streamline them into the National Developmental Agenda.

It also coordinates, monitor and evaluate all activities of the Assembly to ensure effective and efficient service delivery to people of the Municipality.

As part of its responsibilities, Central Administration acts as a liaison between Heads of other governmental and non-governmental agencies and the Municipal Chief Executive (MCE). It manages financial and other resources of the Assembly in consultation with the Municipal Chief Executive (MCE).

The Head of the Department serves as a Secretary to the Assembly, chairs the Municipal Planning and Coordinating Unit (MPCU), and acts as an advisor to the Municipal Chief Executive (MCE). The Department also ensures that the capabilities, skills and knowledge of staff are well developed.


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