List of Certified Food Vendors & Handlers of Within The Municipality

The food screening exercise was conducted in some larger communities within the Ejura-Sekyedumase Municipality to screen food vendors and handlers to ascertain their health status before allowing them to prepare, handle, sell and offer food for sale to the general public in order to ensure food safety and prevent food borne diseases in the Municipality.

The objective of the Food Vendors Screening Programme is to protect public health and ensure that wholesome food reaches the final consumer(s).

A total number of one thousand three hundred (1300) food vendors and handlers were medically screened by Modern View ultimate Diagnosis and Scan Center.

One thousand three hundred (1300) Food vendors were certified and issued food vendors certificates to carry out their operations under strict compliance to good food hygiene, environmental sanitation and personal hygiene to ensuring food safety and prevent food borne diseases. The food vendors were tested for Hepatitis B and Typhoid Fever.

Attached below is the List of Certified Food Vendors and Handlers Within the Municipality.