MCD Engages With Revenue Collectors

The Municipal Coordinating Director (MCD), together with the Finance Officer and the Revenue Superintendent had a brief but reliable engagement with the Revenue Collectors of the Municipality at the Assembly Hall on 15th February, 2023.

The MCD, Mr. Fred Kpodo in his address stated that where ever he works he value revenue collectors as they are the backbone of the Assembly. He cited that nothing can be done without money and IGF cannot be boast of without revenue collectors. He added that when collectors are not carefully catered for; they can sabotage the Assembly.

He stated that he knows how grieved the collectors were since most of their commissions were in debt.  He assured them that he will try his possible best to make up to them; but that could not be possible without their support. He urged them to meet their set target so that there would be enough funds to pay them and settle their outstanding debts.

The MCD and the Finance Officer proposed of paying the collectors monthly so that the amount received can be sufficient and they collectively agreed that their commission should be paid on monthly bases. The condition surrounding the monthly payment of commission was explained to them by the Finance Officer.

He said at the end of the month the commission on all the revenue collected will be calculated and a Cheque issued to their boss thus the Revenue Superintendent and he will cash the money and distribute it accordingly.

The Revenue Collectors gladly thanked Director and his team for their good heart towards them and assured them of their total support of improving the Assembly revenue.  They presented their challenges as revenue collectors.

They said most of them are commission collectors and only three of them were on Government Payroll, also they are discriminated when it comes to sharing of items to Assembly staff.  Those at the market cited that due to the filth at the market places, most traders make their work very difficult by refusing to pay their fees.


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