ESMA Organizes a Mini Staff Durbar

On Tuesday, 14th February, 2023, the Management of Ejura Sekyedumase Municipality held a staff durbar at the Assembly Hall. As part of the activities, Departmental and Unit Heads introduced themselves and their reporting staffs. The Municipal Human Resource Manager, Mr. Justice Oppiah Mensah, seized the opportunity to introduce the newly posted Finance Officer and the Coordinating Director. They were Mr. Abdallah Issah and Mr. Fred Kpodo.

The Municipal Coordinating Director, Mr. Fred Kpodo, on his part said he was humble to be part of the Assembly. He explained his humility as there was nothing he could do without the support of the Assembly staff. He highlighted on some areas that he wanted all to consider for the development of the Assembly.

He mentioned attitude towards work, time management, exhibiting professionalism, loitering around, gossiping, stock taking of individual activities, joining hands in revenue mobilization, ensuring cleanliness in the Municipality, among others.

He urged staff to come to work on time and those who had been taking some days off work without any tangible reason should put a stop to it. He asked staffs to take account of whatever they do in their respective offices and access whether they deserve the salary they are taking or not.

He further inquired members to project what they can do for the up-liftment of the Municipality. He ended by asking members to consider what they will be remembered for after they have left the Municipality and urged them to be guided by that in all their endeavors.

Opportunity was given to staff to ask questions. So many questions were asked and the MCD took his time to answer all. The questions included transfer grants to staff, provision of conducive environment for work, accommodation for staff, office equipment and tools, equity among staffs, etc.


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