ESMA Distribute Motorbikes to its Elected Assembly Members

In order to ease the stress elected Assembly Members go thorough with commuting to be able to execute their duties successfully, The Municipal Chief Executive of Ejura-Sekeydumase Municipal, Hon. Mohammed Salisu Bamba, took possession of 60 motorbikes which he distributed to elected Assembly Members on Wednesday, March 13, 2019.

The MCE in his address at the ceremony which took off at his residency, cautioned assembly members to desist from the practice of selling motorbikes purchased and allocated to them by the government.

According to him, it has come to his attention that some assembly members in the past sold off the motorbikes, instead of using them to facilitate their work in their various electoral areas.

“Government recognizes the important work done by assembly members and so just as other appointees are provided with means of transportation, the government has decided to facilitate the work of members of the various assemblies. The motorbikes should not be sold, they have been given out to you for specific work so that you can be mobile and frequently visit your electoral area and ensure there’s development there. The bikes should also be handled with care,”

he said.

The Presiding Member of the Ejrua-Skekydumase Municipal Assembly Hon. Mustapha Adam received the Motorbikes on behalf of the Assembly Members.

The Assembly members on their part thanked the government for hearing their cry and supplying them with the motorbikes.

They, however, appealed to government to register the motorbikes to enable them to ride without being arrested by the police as has been the case in the past.


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