Town Hall Meeting With Media Foundation for West Africa

On Wednesday 1st of December 2021, a town hall meeting was held under the auspices of Media foundation for West Africa in collaboration with Todays Media, the Ejura sekyedumase Municipal Assembly, the Traditional Authorities, local area Assemblymen and other key stakeholders at Gospel Baptist Church, Ejura.

The Municipal Coordinating Director in his opening remarks explained that town Hall meeting is among Series of programs organized by MMDAs to ensure the peoples participation in local governance and accountability across the length and breadth of the country:

The Program Coordinator for Media Foundation for West Africa, Madam Adizatu Moro Maiga in her statement clarified that they are NGO which aim at bringing local governance to the door step of the people in their community and an avenue for the Assembly to account to the people.

She added that the program will give the people the opportunity to participate and give their quota to the total management of the Municipality.

The Municipal Chief Executive Hon. Dr. Kingsely Osei delegated his speech to be read on his behalf by the Municipal Coordinating Director Mr. Amoah Emmanuel because he was indisposed.

According to him, the reason for the meeting was to account to the public on the affairs of the Assembly.

He added that the public forum motive for gatherings as it present a special platform for the assemblies to openly account its stewardship to the public.

He continued that it’s a period set aside for the public to question Management of the Assembly on the usage of the resources held and entrusted to them for the optimum benefit of the Municipality.

He explained that the sources of funding for the Assembly are IGF, District Assemblies common Fund, DPAT, PWDs Common fund, Grant and many others.

He stressed that more often than not peoples do not have the opportunity to know what those resource are used for, therefore this has become an opportunity to showcase what those resources are used for, the performance of the assembly and the challenges faced by the assembly.

He assured the gathering that all the Heads of Department are present to respond to all questions to be asked by the public.

He indicated that the COVID-19 virus is still here with us and yet with another variance discovered called the Omicron virus, he therefore entreated each and everyone to stay guard with the vaccination and observe all the protocols to prevent the spread.

Mr. Adjei Joshua the Municipal Budget Analyst, in his presentation explained the financial performance for the 2021 fiscal year, he said IGF and Common Fund are the only money the Assembly have right over its usage, the rest are solely determined by the Assembly and the public through the Assemblymen.

He stressed that decisions of Assembly men and management will determined accessibility of funds from DPAT.

He emphasized that as at September 2021, the Assembly had only received GH724,216.00 out of the estimated budget of GH1.2M for IGF, representing 52%.  He said the IGF Budget was categorized into three (3) parts.  Thus:

  • Salaries and Allowances = GH395,000.00 and had spent GH207,000.00 as at Sept.
  • Goods and Services = GH462 and had spent GH377,000.00 as @ Sept.
  • Assets = GH160.00 and had spent 53,000.00 as @ Sept

Mr. Adjei Boateng further explained that the estimated budget for 2022 was GH11,505,000.00.  He said the proposed budget will cater for action plan of Central Administration, Finance, Physical Planning, Education, Health, SWCD, Disaster, among others for the year 2022.

The Development Planning Officer for the Municipality, Mr. Webadua Lawrence in his presentation stated some of the Developmental Projects of the Assembly; he said they were construction of CHPS Compound, Schools, Road Construction, drilling of bore holes, among others.

After all the presentations, opportunity was given for questions to be asked.  The questions included issues surrounding RTI Law, the water problem of Ejura, lack of proper accountability of revenue collected from Sekyedumase and Anyinasu market.

The Municipal Coordinating Director and HODs of the various sectors answered all the questions raised by the people.


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