Sod Cutting for The Construction of Health facility at Miminaso

In the mist of fighting Covid-19, development must still go on. The growth of every society largely depends on the health of it’s people.

Yesterday, the municipal chief executive for Ejura/Sekyeredumase constituency Alhaji Mohammed Salisu Bamba cut sod for work to begin on a health facility at Miminaso, the facility when completed will serve the good people of Miminaso No1 and 2, Famehyebabi and Katantani and other surrounding communities.

This will add up to the already numerous health related projects the Hon. MCE has carried out 3 years in office, the construction of the Aframso health centre, the upgrade of Sekyeredumase health center to Polyclinic, the construction of health center at Bonyon, and the completion of the Bemi chips compound.


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