Redevelopment of The Ejura Lorry Park and Commercial Center

Under the leadership of Hon. Mohammed Salisu Bamba, Municipal Chief Executive (M.C.E), The Ejura-Sekeydumase Municipal Assembly has and is still undertaking several infrastructural projects in sectors such as Education, Health, Agriculture, Sanitation, Transport, Social, Economic development, Electrification and many more.

The Ejura lorry park, which is situated in the commercial area of the Ejura Township, has served the municipality in a number of ways, such as being a Business Center, Food Vendors Joint and many more. Its current state, however, does not meet the growing needs and demands of the Ejura population, hence the need to redesign and develop it accordingly.

This project, which had its sod cutting ceremony on 29 August 2018, has seen a very steady growth in its development at a current rate of over 60% complete and as such promises to meet its completion date.

The purpose of the project as noted by the Hon. M.C.E, Alhaji Mohammed Salisu Bamba during his address at the ceremony is to help reduce incidents of road accidents, vehicular or traffic congestions at commercial area and uplift the status of the lorry park along with the town as well.

“I welcome the challenge to do that, which seem impossible to others, as this may help change their mindset and improve on their can-do attitude,”

he said, as he acknowledge the attempts of his predecessors to embark on this project.

The New Lorry Park will not only serve the purposes stated earlier, but will help address the issue of Sanitation as it includes the construction of a (one) 1№ Two Storey Building with a 63-Seater Water Closet Public Toilet, 1№ 6-Unit Bath House with additional 1№ 2-Unit Urinals and a 2№ Biofil Digester Sewage Treatment Plant.

In relating to Economic and Social development, the Lorry Park will house a (one) 1№ Two (2) Storey Building with 52-Shops and Banking Hall as well as a 1№ Three (3) Storey Building that will contain 16-Shops, 2№ Banking Halls and a (twenty) 20№ Guest Rooms.

To address the issue of Traffic Congestion, the Lorry Park will introduce an Entry and Exit route for Vehicles applying the Ejura-Kumasi, Ejura-Nkoranza and the Ejura-Atebubu roads.

The Hon. M.C.E, Alhaji Mohammed Salisu Bamba, has however, carried out frequent inspection of the project in order to ascertain and boost the progress of work.


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