Inauguration of the Urban, Zonal and Area Councils of the Municipality

The councils inauguration was done on the 12th February, 2020 for Ejura Urban Council and Sekyedumase Zonal Council while the rest, Kasei, Eboum and Bonyon-Dromakuma were inaugurated on the 19th of February, 2020.

The team that supervised the inauguration ceremonies included the Presiding Member, the Municipal Planning Officer, the Municipal Budget Analyst and an Assistant Director of Administration.

The Municipal Information Officer as well as the Municipal Protocol officer participated in the inauguration ceremony.

The Municipal planning officer and the Municipal Budget Analyst took turns and sensitized the Honourable Assembly Members and the Unit Committee Members present on the functions, membership, mandate and other important information on the activities of the Urban and Zonal Councils contained in the Local Government (Urban, zonal and Town Councils and unit committees) (establishment) Instruments, 2010 L.I 1967.

The Presiding Member led the unit committee members to take the official oath of office as unit committee members and the oath of secrecy as well. After the oaths, the Presiding Member congratulated the unit committee members and charged them to go and execute their mandate.

He further admonished them to work as a team with their Assembly members for the common good of their electoral areas.

He also encouraged the executive not to sleep on their duties but rather should work to compliment the activities of the municipal assembly in revenue mobilization and initiate self-helped projects for the benefit of their zonal councils.


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