ESMA Begins Construction of a Modern E-Library Complex

A library is not a luxury but one of the necessities of life (Henry Ward Beecher); this line of thinking by the Municipal Chief Executive, Hon. Mohammed Salisu Bamba has necessitated the construction of a new modern library complex befitting the status and needs of the municipality.

The sod-cutting ceremony for this project, which was on the 16th of May 2019 at the premises of the old library behind the Ejura Community Center saw in attendance members of the Ejura Traditional Council led by the Ejura Nifahene (Nana Osei Kwadwo Ansebie), Staff of the Municipal Assembly and other related persons.

The Project, which is to be funded by the Ghana Government initiative of the One (1) Million Dollars per Constituency and estimated at a total cost of Three hundred thousand (300,000) Ghana Cedis will serve as a Book and an Electronic or Digital Library.

The New Library Building is to cover a land size of 87 by 39 feet and accommodate over 70 readers at a time with facilities such as a Librarian Circulation or Information Desk section, a Store Room, Three (3) Washrooms, Two (2) offices, Readers Section, a Robust Book Shelves, an E-Library Section, Wireless Internet Connectivity and many more.

The Library will also be equipped with Eighty (80) Chairs, Twenty (20) Tables, Eight (8) Computers, a Modern Photocopier and a Printer.

The M.C.E, Hon. Mohammed Salisu Bamba in his address to the gathering explained that, the over thirty (30) year old library lacks the capacity to contain over twenty (20) readers at a time and is in a dilapidated state.

He further explained that, in order to augment the Government’s agenda of “Free Education” and serve adequately the current needs of the municipality in education, the modern concept of a Library has to be constructed.

“The Library will not only serve students but all interested in learning or researching and also provide the right environment for brainstorming.” He said.

He also noted that, the old library would be renovated to serve other purposes. He was, however optimistic about the project being completed in a maximum of eight (8) months.

The Municipal Engineer, Mr. David Adjei introduced a representative of the construction firm (Regent House Company Ltd) responsible in handling the project to the gathering.

The Nifahene, Nana Osei Kwadwo Ansebie thanked the Municipal Chief Executive for his effort in making it possible for such a project to be realized just as other projects undertaking by the Assembly under his Leadership. He also admonished the Contractor to be diligent with his work and to ensure the timely execution of the project.

He later recommended the inclusion of Mobile Library in the future, so to be at the reach of citizens in neighboring communities and small towns.

The Contractor promised to complete the project within the estimated time and to do a diligent work worthy of commissioning.

The Traditional Council offered a prayer of Libation to ensure the successful commencement and completion of the New Library Building.

The Municipal Chief Executive, Hon. Mohammed Salisu Bamba through the Municipal Protocol Officer offered a vote of thanks to the Traditional Council and all gathered for heeding to his call and making the event successful one.


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