ESMA Annual Progress Report

The Annual Progress Report is the evaluation of Projects and Programmes captured in the Annual Action Plan of MMDAs. This report gives light on the final appraisal on the level of implementation of the projects and programmes captured and whether the implemented projects and programmes have resolved the issues raised by the people, or the expected outcomes or impacts have been achieved.

This report also presents the achievements, problems, constraints and challenges identified during the Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) of programmes and projects in the MMDA. Revenue and Expenditure performance of the Assembly, critical development, poverty issues and recommendation for improvement to enhance the Assembly’s performance are also in the report.

The progress report allows for the reporting on the overall development progress of the Municipal categorized under six (6) development dimensions namely Economic development, social development, Environment, Infrastructure and Human settlement, Governance, Corruption and Social accountability, Implementation, Coordination, Monitoring and evaluation as well as Emergency planning and Response.

The arrangement of this progress report is based on the guidelines issued by the National Development Planning Commission (NDPC) to enable all MMDAs to present a unique, standard and professional progress report.

Key Monitoring and Evaluation Objectives

The Monitoring and Evaluation of programmes and projects in the Assembly’s MTDP of the Annual Action Plan (AAP) aimed at achieving the following;

  • Assessing the Progress of the Implementation of Programmes and Projects.
  • Promoting Community Participation and Awareness in the Implementation of Projects.
  • Providing Information for Effective Co-ordination of Activities in the Municipality
  • Identifying Achievements, Constraints and Challenges in the Implementation Process, to Recommend Measures to Enhance the Implementation of Projects and Programmes.
  • Improving Service Delivery, Influence Resource Allocation, and Demonstrate Results as Part of Accountability and Transparency.

Source of Data for the Preparation of the Report

The report relied on data from both primary and secondary sources to determine the impact of programmes and projects delivery within the Municipality in year 2021. While the primary data is obtained from the Monitoring and Evaluation Report, the secondary data is obtained from quarterly reports of departments and agencies. The progress report also captures funding sources like IGF, DACF, MPCF, PWD-CF, MSHAP, DACF-RFG and others for the implementation of the projects and programmes.