ESMA Annual Action Plans

The Annual Action Plans specifies what action is to be taken each year, by whom, at what specific time and at what cost.

The projects under each Annual Action Plans cover various aspects of development in the Municipality and are in accordance with the seven (7) recommended Thematic Areas of the MTDPF, and development activities under the jurisdiction of the Municipal Assembly.

The criteria used in the selection of programmes and projects for the Annual Action Plans includes the following:

  • Critical projects that require immediate implementation.
  • On-going projects.
  • Unimplemented projects, however, not all projects are included in this category
  • Projects with short growth periods.
  • Projects with low costs which could conveniently be accommodated by the Municipal Assembly in the first year’s budget.
  •  Donor, NGO, CBO funded projects which must be implemented.

As a result of this, all projects and programmes are grouped under the various broad goals in the National Policy Framework:

  • Build a Prosperous Society,
  • Create opportunities for all,
  • Safeguard the natural environment and ensure a resilient built environment and
  • Maintain a stable, united and safe society.

They are further broken down into sectors including

  • Education,
  • Infrastructure,
  • Health,
  • Sanitation and Waste Management,
  • Rural and Urban Agriculture,
  • Local Economic Development
  • Social Protection Interventions

Some Actions or Programmes are selected for the first year of plan implementation, because their urgent needed to fulfill the Municipal development, whilst rolled over projects have been included as on-going projects and funds have already been allocated for implementation.