Construction of a Modern Theater and Maternity Block

Project Name: Construction of a Modern Theater and Maternity Block

Project Location: Sekyedumase Health Centre

Funding Source: District Development Fund (DDF)

Percentage of Completion: 100% complete

Date of Completed: 30/01/2019

Project Purpose

The project will add onto the infrastructural and services deficit of the health facility thereby positioning it to be upgraded. It will serve an estimated number of 35,235 inhabitants in and around Sekyedumase and Anyinasu.

The theater will play a great role in saving lives. Surgeries will be carried out in Sekyedumase instead of Ejura or the Okomfo Anokye Teaching Hospital.

The maternity block on the other hand will contribute towards a drastic reduction in maternal deaths. Pregnant women who otherwise would lost their babies due to lack of space for admission can easily be admitted at the spacious maternity block. They will no longer be referred to Ejura or Okomfo Anokye Teaching Hospital with its attendant high cost.

The provision of the theater and the maternity is therefore huge relief to the people living in around Sekyedumase and Anyinasu zones.


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